Enabling Swedish Engineers

This non-profit initiative aims to help connect companies with Swedish engineers willing to take a part-time employment or internship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of companies need to acquire technical skilled engineers as we speak in order to continuing being competitive and make it through these critical times all across Sweden.

Are you a Swedish Engineer wanting to help out by taking a part-time employment or internship? Click here to fill in your details:


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How does it work?


  1. Fill out the form by clicking . You really have nothing to lose!
  2. If a company wants to get in touch with you, we send you their details.


  1. Browse the list of engineers further down on this page, or the full list by clicking here.
  2. Click Request contact on the engineer you would like to get in touch with.
  3. Fill out the form presented.
  4. The engineer will recieve your contact details and may initiate the contact if they find your offer interesting.

Connected engineers

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Engineer #1

ID 3121
School KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Degree Bachelor's
Year 5th
Field Computer Science
Skills Problem solving, Excel, C, Java, Power BI, Mathematica
Hours ~ 15 hours/week

Engineer #2

ID 3122
School Chalmers University of Technology
Degree Master's
Year 5th
Field Applied Mathematics
Skills computer simulations, tabulation of data, finance, computational models
Hours ~ 10 hours/week

Engineer #3

ID 3123
School Linköping University
Degree Bachelor's
Year 3rd
Field Industrial Engineering
Skills Organization, Management, AutoCAD, Statistical software, Simulation software
Hours ~ 8 hours/week

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Q: What is 'Enabling Swedish Engineers'?
A: This is a non-profit initiative created by students for students and companies to help save the Swedish economy from failing by enabling the Swedish engineers to the job market.
Q: Does it cost anything?
A: The initiative is all non-profit and is therefore free for both engineers and companies.
Q: Why do you hide the contact details?
A: To not compromize on the privacy of the engineer and have their personal contact details spread uncontrollably, we decided to hide it and let the engineers themselves decide which offers they would like to continue with and what contact details they would like to share. Another important aspect is to remove the issues of unconscious biases which can result in name (and other) discrimination, and by elimininating the details that are personal we can accomplish a more diverse matching process through Enabling Swedish Engineers.

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